Renters FAQ

Owners FAQ

Renters FAQ

Why a holiday cottage instead of a hotel?

On initial inspection, you may be under the impression that a hotel is the cheapest and most appropriate option for your forthcoming holiday, but once you begin to consider and see the rental properties within your preferred location(s), the disadvantages of a hotel becomes apparent.

Total privacy, no matter what type of rental accommodation you choose, a cottage, house or an apartment, the whole of the property is yours for the full duration of your vacation. This ultimate flexibility and space, is unrivaled and allows you to come and go as you please, no matter what time of day or night that may be. Many rental properties offer flexible check in/out times again ensuring that you get the very best value for money.

Many hotels struggle to offer suitable accommodation for larger families and groups traveling together. This results in the need for multiple rooms thereby increasing the cost of your accommodation. Our rental properties can accommodate in excess of 16 people and there is no need to worry about the number of bathrooms, as many properties offer them in abundance, ensuring that everyone is catered for. Some of the properties offer the luxury of having multiple master suites, ideal when two families or groups travel together.

Location is always a important consideration when booking your accommodation, as it needs to be close to the areas which interest you and your travelling party. When renting your very own property direct from either the property owner or manager you can expect to be made fully aware of distances and accurate travelling time from your front door. In addition to this Direct Holiday Cottages provides an indication of the distances from individual areas to a range of locations which may be of interest to you.

The facilities in each of the rental properties advertised on Direct Holiday Cottages, are there ensure that your stay is a memorable one and are included without any extra cost to you. For those who prefer to travel light, almost all properties have a fully functioning laundry room, complete with washing and drying machines, so there is no need to take so many clothes, and unlike hotels, there is no extra charge for the use of these appliances/services. Other popular facilities can also include satellite/cable TV, games console(s), telephone, Internet access to name but a few. So if you would prefer a day at home with your family or friends, without the noise and distraction of other tourists, no problem, or perhaps it's just a quiet family meal you prefer, simply buy your own produce from the local supermarket before returning home to your very own fully equipped kitchen where you prepare and enjoy your meal together in the privacy of your own home. This can be a welcome change, and indeed a great deal cheaper than having to eat out each night in restaurants. Then after diner and whilst the dishwasher is on, perhaps you would like to return to your living room where you can kick back and relax, before retiring to your very own separate bedroom.

Each rental property has an individual page which shows what features and facilities are on offer, if you have any other questions about a specific property, then please do not hesitate to contact the owner direct with the use of their personal contact details as also shown on the property page.

You may be asking "But what about the cost?" This we feel is something, which you the renter need to decide upon and research, as each property has a price specific them.

What facilities are in each property?

Each property listing has comprehensive details of all the facilities available at the property. These include such items as a domestic telephone & Internet/WiFi connection plus many more . In the event of you requiring confirmation about anything specific, then you should contact the owner direct via your preferred means.

How do I pay for my accommodation?

All property owners or managers will confirm the ways in which you can pay for their respective accommodation. This will appear on the individual property-listing page.

Are pets/smoking allowed in the properties?

Many properties do not allow smoking within them at any time, confirmation of this can be obtained from each individual property listing in the form of an icon. In comparison, many more owners do allow pets to accompany visitors. Again this information is available from the respective property listing in the form of an icon. Remember if you are unsure about any aspect of a property and the terms and conditions associated to it, simply ask the owner for confirmation.

Is there a discount for longer stays?

Any discounts are at the discretion of the individual property owner or manager. Please enquire with them as to the availability of discounts.

Where is each cottage located?

Our interactive map confirms the location of each of the holiday cottages listed on Direct Holiday Cottages, along with the location of other attractions & other places of interest.

How can I confirm that a Property is suitable for disabled access/occupation?

Each holiday cottage showing the appropriate disabled accessible icon indicates that the property has been designated by the owner or manager as being suitable for disabled guests. To ensure that the property conforms to your specific requirements, contact with the owner is advised. In the unlikely event of incorrect information being given, Direct Holiday Cottages requires notification, so to allow us to amend or remove the listing as required. Each disabled friendly property can be identified directly from the search facility, which allows a search to be made ensuring that only disabled friendly properties are shown in the results.

What do I do if I have any problems whilst staying at the property?

Each holiday cottage owner has a designated property management company, who maintains the property in their absence. It is the responsibility of each property management company to ensure any problems encountered by a renter is addressed at the earliest opportunity. Details, including a telephone contact number of the management company should be obtained prior to your departure.

Are welcome packs available?

Many owners or managers offer welcome packs that include essential provisions to ensure that you have everything you require for your first night. In addition to this specific items can also be requested. This service is normally a payable extra, the cost of which should be confirmed with the owner or manager prior to departure.

Is there a house keeping service available?

Although each property includes a vacuum cleaner, some owners via their respective property management companies offer interim cleaning services. It must be noted that such services may be a chargeable extra, the cost of which should be confirmed with the owner prior to departure.

Owners FAQ

How do I pay for my annual subscription?

Payment can be made using the following;

Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard, Solo, Maestro, Visa Electron, PayPal

PayPal payments are also now accepted.

How often can I update my listing(s)?

Due to the integration of our owner's management system, owners can up date and change the content of their personal listings whenever they wish. Simply log in to the secure members area with the use of your unique details and make whatever changes you wish. In the unlikely event of any difficulty being experienced during this process, full technical support is on offer.

Can I use my virtual or video tour?

Yes, integration with your current virtual tour is offered. Or if you would prefer, Direct Holiday Cottages can host it on your behalf at no extra cost. If you have a virtual tour, which requires updating, or if you are yet to have a tour made, then contact us at

How many photographs can I upload, and how do I do it?

There is no limit on the number of photographs, which you may upload to your personal listing. Each photograph will be displayed via some of the latest software ensuring that everyone viewing them gets the true feeling of your property. You simply chose your photographs then submit them to your page; our software will then automatically resize each one before it appears on your property page.

What listing upgrades do you offer?

Home Page Featured Property (Premium & Standard)

Increase exposure by featuring your property on the Home Page in one of only 8 featured zones. Every time a visitor visits our website your property will be exclusively displayed in one of the standard Featured Property zones on our home page for the duration of this upgrade. This upgrade ensures your exposure on the busiest page on our website

Search Result Highlight

Make your property stand out from the crowd on our search results pages! Your property’s search result listing will be highlighted to differentiate it from the other properties on the page and will be given prioritised placement in some results lists to maximise your chances of getting noticed.

Multi Page Property Focus

Grab extra attention by appearing in our Property Focus zone which is visible on multiple pages across our website. Perfect for getting noticed by visitors wanting to learn more, the Property Focus zone is shown on all of the location and attraction pages of our website. We’re putting your property in front of holiday makers without them having to even make a search!

Late Deals

Do you have a last minute vacancy you need to fill? Add a Late Deal and get noticed! We’ll do everything we can to get your last minute vacancy filled by getting your late deal noticed by:- Listing your vacancy in the Late Deals area on the home page (which is the most visited page on our website) Adding a Late Deal flash on your property’s search result listing with details of your vacancy Highlighting your Late Deal on your property listing page Enabling the holiday makers to filter their property search results by Late Deals only!

Special Offers

Struggling to fill your vacancy calendar? Create a Special Offer and let the holiday makers know you offer something extra special! We’ll help you shout about your Special Offer by:- Listing your offer in the Offers area on the home page (which is the most visited page on our website) Adding a Special Offer flash on your property’s search result listing with details of your offer Highlighting your Special Offer on your property listing page Enabling the holiday makers to filter their property search results by Special Offers only!

Dedicated Directories

Tell holiday makers that your property will meet their requirements by getting listed in one of our dedicated directories. If your property has something worth shouting about, for example it’s Disabled Accessible or is near to a Beach or Theme Park then our dedicated directories are a must have! Benefits:- Exclusive links from our home page Directory Icons to make your property stand out on the search pages and your property listing page. Filtered search results by our dedicated directories only.

What information must I provide?

When creating an account with us the personal details of the owner or Property Management Company must be provided in the appropriate fields as must the full details of the rental property. This data will be retained by us and will not be made available or disclosed to any third parties at any time. This information is required as part of the validation process; anyone failing to comply will have the relevant listing suspended until such time that the information is provided.

What other services do you provide?

There are a whole host of extra listing upgrades available, from the featured slots on our homepages, to our late deals and special offer facilities. Each upgrade has a cost associated with it. All of these prices are very competitive and are reflective of the extra exposure generated as a result of them. Full details of our upgrades are available upon the sign up process, however many can be activated at any time on a pro rata basis in conjunction with your active listing.

Am I going to receive countless pointless enquiries?

No. The drill down search facility allows users to identify properties which match their personal preferences. This ensures that you will only receive enquiries which are relative to your rental property, saving you valuable time by only having to reply to enquiries which have been raised using the information contained on your listing. One thing to consider is that unless your calendar is regularly updated you may receive enquiries for dates for which you have no availability.

Who handles enquiries from & bookings made through the website?

All enquiries made and bookings converted via the website are managed by the property owner or the appointed Property Management Company. We take no role in nor do we influence this process.

Can I re-distribute enquiries received from the website?

No. Any owner or property Management Company who distributes any enquiries generated from the website to anyone without an active subscription will have their listing suspended. This will be done pending a decision as to whether to remove the owners or Property Management Company listings.

What do I do if I see anything inappropriate or incorrect on your site?

We aim to keep all our website up to date however in the event of you identifying something which requires alteration we would appreciate your advice. Alternatively if you are made aware of content which is offensive or inappropriate on our website, then again we request that you contact us at the earliest opportunity to report the issue.

What incentives do you provide for referring another owner?

Follow the banner to Refer a Friend within the Owners Area for details of our latest incentive.

How do I cancel my advertisement?

You can cancel your advertisement at any time by using the Contact Us form outlining your reason for cancellation, the property number to be cancelled and the date the cancellation is to be effective. Please see our Website Terms & Conditions to confirm your eligibility of a full or partial refund.